The Herrmann Sisters


The Trainers of Propsect Stable have come together for the first time in many years. Three sisters, all of whom are accomplished horsewomen in their own right, now share their knowledge, passion and love of horses. They are working to create a unique training and performance center.
Born into a world of one of history’s most noble breeds, the royal Lipizzan stallions of Austria. Their family was the first in North America to tour with these magnificent creatures, introducing them to the general public in the early 60’s

Desiree Herrmann 
Throughout the years Desiree has ventured into many aspects of the horse world never being close minded. She has gained knowledge from classical dressage “airs above the ground”, western, liberty, theatrical and trick training, etc.. Which is what sets her apart from many others. She believes her wide range of knowledge has led her to be a more rounded trainer with horses.
Desiree also believes that there is not one method to training a horse, that traditional training methods are simply guidelines to go by. She believes that the true teachers are the horses themselves and that each horse has their own soul and mind and their capacity to learn varies in the same sense as a human’s individuality. “What works for one may not for another and as their trainer you must be able and willing to “listen” to the horses themselves!”
Desiree considers her horses to be her partners, and believes they must be treated with respect, kindness, and compassion, most of all with love. Finding that when a horse is asked instead of demanding, the horse would rather comply then rebel against their training. Thus leading to a harmonious and happy relationship between horse and rider.
From the time she was a small child it was apparent that horses were her passion. She has performed and entertained at various venues and establishments such as: The Royal Lipizzan stallions, Arabian Nights, & All The King’s Horses. She has made guest appearances at the festival of the horse and drum and the opening of the Monte Christo equestrian center. Before coming to Prospect Stable, she was the Entertainment Director and the head trainer at The Dancing Horses Theatre in Wisconsin for several years.
Her most recent accomplishments have been returning to Fl, and becoming the trainer and Manager of Prospect Stable. When she arrived, there were two Friesians, a mare and a stallion, John F Cuneo now owns 11! Over the past three years, she has entered into yet another discipline, Pleasure Driving, Begining with single, she quickly progressed to pairs, then on to Tandem and Unicorn, and further still to Four in Hand, taking reserve and Grand Champion almost each time she competes! She has most recently entered the Coaching division, the highest level of Pleasure driving. She has competed in shows such as Grand Oaks, Kentucky Horse Park, Devon and Walnut Hill. .

Tanya Herrmann - USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist
Having grown up in a very unique life, Tanya was the youngest family member to ride the famous Capriole, also know as the "Airs Above the Gound"  She was just 13 years old. When she was sixteen, Tanya ventured out and began learning the art of vaulting . She performed  her vaulting and high shcool horses on circus' as well as Arabian Knights.
Through the sale of one of her horses, Tanya, now at 26, was introduced to the world of competitive Dressage and became very passionate about learning and studying the training process and the technical aspect of creating quailty and perfect balance, combining both Classical and Competive Dressage to develope her own training technique from the young horse to Grand Prix.
She has competed through the levels to Intermediaire earning both her Bronze and Silver medals. She specializes in both piaffe and passage, and has trained all the movements in Grand Prix.  She will soon be headed down center line looking to obtain her Gold.
Tanya has spent may years furthering her knowledge from trainers and clinicians such as : Janet Foy, Linda Zang, Wolfgang Delefonte of the Spanish Riding School, Jos Severins, Jean-Luc Cornille & Susan Grahm White.

Sabrina Herrmann Donoho. 
The eldest of the sisters, Sabrina has always had a great passion for the horses as well. Starting from an eary age, she could always be found in the stables or riding her ponies. 
Growing up on the family's 200 acre ranch in Myakka City, she spent most of her riding career training, touring and presenting the beautiful Lipizzaner stallions. For many years executing the movements of the "Airs Above the Ground" and eventually mastering the art of training them. For Sabrina, being on the road was a way of life.
Sabrina also spent a few years travelling on various circus' presenting a comedy riding act with her husband as well as her Appaloosa Stallion she trained to Haute Ecole and eventually, the Capriole!
Due to unforseen circumstances, she had to put her riding career on hold for several years. However, she is now actively back to riding and training. Learning and expanding her knowledge in the dressage world.

Come Train with us!
Bring your horse and train with one of these exceptional women and allow them to help you form a more perfect picture and harmony between you and your equestrian partner. From the ground up, they will guide you to the best of their ability. We hope to hear from you soon.